Excuse My French, But…

Someone very wise once said,  “Haters only hate the people they can’t have or the people they can’t be.” Excuse my French, but fuck these haters! People fear what they don’t understand, and these haters cant understand why you’re so fly, and why you’re so talented, and smart. They sit around hoping, and praying that somehow you mess up. They want to see you lose in anyway possible. They can’t stand the confidence you exude, the drive and the passion you possess. They get annoyed with any and every  little accomplishment you have, as if it will make them achieve less.

So many of us think haters are strangers, or someone we pissed off, or just a internet troll, Ha! If only that was true, these haters come disguised as friends, family, and lovers. The friend hater will never support you, never offer help, won’t even retweet your business but online seventeen hours a day. The family hater loves to tell you you’re dreaming too big, settle, play it safe, and never encourages your spirit. Always saying something like “still chasing that crazy dream”? Excuse my French but, fuck  these haters!

You don’t owe anyone an explanation to how you want to live your life. You only owe it to yourself to live it fully. If they don’t or won’t t chase their dreams, are too afraid to be who they are, or too frightened to step outside the “norm” , that’s not your concern. Your only concern is to chase after your dreams and do what sets your soul free. Haters want to be you, they want to know the secret to you. They want to take those secrets and mimic them,  and they’re so foolish because they will NEVER be you! They will never have what you have, they will never possess your unique skills, and the essence of who you are. And  eventually when they figure this out, they will continue to hate.

Don’t fold and don’t break, and don’t give them two seconds of your time.  Never listen to their opinions, or their poisonous words, and never let them affect your hustle. Hustle even harder, and make them madder. Make them remember everyday why they envy you. Show them that you’re going to keep on winning. And when someone tries to tell you what these haters say about you, First stop them, and then politely say, Excuse my French but, fuck these haters!

Nakia Brooks

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