Modern Fairytale

“You are capable of saving your own soul, You have always been capable of being your own hero” -r.h. Sin

From kids we all thought that the moment we find a husband or wife that our lives would be complete. Our mothers and fathers taught us this since childhood to adulthood. They made us believe that we weren’t whole  until we found someone that wanted to complete us.  That moment when it finally came, we all believed that we would be saved. That this person would somehow take away all doubts, and uncertainties. And ever since the story of prince charming, and Cinderella we have been searching for that magic salvation. Well I’m here to tell you another story in which no prince is needed, and no perfect glass slipper is going to change your life. In this fairytale we are all going to pull out our own swords, sleigh our own dragons, place our own crowns, and save ourselves.

I believed in the fairytale, and that I needed another person to complete me.  Most of my life I thought I needed someone to love me. No matter what kind of love it was I accepted it, toxic, hurtful, painful, and sometimes pure foolish love. I couldn’t do without it . Well every story has a villain right? The very thing I thought that made me complete was actually tearing me apart. The fact that I needed it to make me whole, in return made me weak.  What I did wrong all of these years was put someone else in charge of my happiness. I gave someone else the responsibility to make me happy, to heal me, to give me everything I should have given myself. No one is going to love us  better than we can  love ourselves. You and you alone are in charge of how you feel. You and you alone are in charge of your fighting for your happy ending.

I would like to end this post by telling you a story.  Once upon a time there was a young girl, who lived in a small town. She never had much growing up, no fancy clothes, no expensive hair, and looked pretty  regular to most boys.  Most people never even noticed her. She had dreamed of one day meeting the most handsome man in the world, and he would finally see her, and she would be in eternal bliss.  She eventually met a man who made her world seem magical, and in return she gave him everything she owned. Her happiness, her self respect, her joy, her beauty, her body, her mind, and eventually all her worth came from what he thought of her.

As time when on she had nothing left for herself, she felt weak, unhappy, and empty. For the love she thought would complete her actually made her half a woman . On days when he treated her bad she had no desire to live, and on days when there was happiness, she still felt no joy. One day she woke up and decided that she had to make a change, She decided that she would be happy no matter the cost, and no matter the loss. She fought everyday to find herself again, to find the love that she possessed all along. One morning as she packed her bags, on her way to new beginnings, she wrote  “I am deserving of love, I am worthy of love, I am capable of giving myself all the love I need. ” I never needed anyone to save me, I have always been my own salvation”. No matter how many mistakes, wrong turns, or bad decisions, we make. Every morning the sun rises and a new day begins, and we have another twenty-four hours to fight, to change, to start over, and to find every possible solution to become the hero of our lives.

Nakia Brooks








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