Talking to the Moon

Laying with my head on this hollow pillow

Staring at the rays of diamonds in the sky

My mind can’t seem to stop thinking

As I begin to cry

I lay here talking to you

Have you  seen my sun?

For it has been many moons and still I have seen no light

There’s been no sign of him, many days and endless nights

I beg you, and plead  with  my soul

I offer  life and death to Orion

Just  for a glimpse, of his eclipse

Just  For a moment, and I’d forever be in your debt

Night after night I lie here talking  to you

By now you think I’m a fool

Fools gold they say a man would die for

But he’s my fortune, my beginning, and end

Just to stand next to the sun

Would be my salvation and damnation

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