Fight For Your Happy

Happiness isn’t just a feeling. Happiness is a state of being, and is worth fighting everything to achieve. Most people aren’t happy, they confuse content with happiness. Content is accepting that things cannot change. Content is settling for what is and, not what can be.  People who are content give up. They don’t see a way out, or another route in life. Although they aren’t happy they won’t fight to change their current situation. However we aren’t going to be content we are going to fight for our happy and never accepting anything.

I heard someone once say “Never Accept Anything” in life, because everything is changeable. This quote stuck in my mind because it was one of the truest things I’ve ever heard. Everything in life can be changed. Whether its your job, financials, relationships, business, career, and so much more, none of it is permanent. None of it is set in stone, or locked away in a box that can’t be opened. I say all of this to say if changing any of these things in your life will make you happy do it. If changing all of these things in your life will make you happy do it still.

For many years in my life I was unhappy, and I blamed the world. I decided one year that I was going to find happiness no matter what I lost, or had to give up. The entire year I searched on the internet, and read books on ways to be happy. But what I discovered is that I couldn’t find happiness. Happiness was a choice, and I had to choose to be happy, and I had to fight for my happy. I had to choose to change current situations to reserve my peace. I had to change the way I thought about life to be happy. On days when conflict arose, I had to choose to not engage to fight for my happy. I realized that no one owed me anything and that anything I want in life I owe to myself to fight for, and happiness,  is one thing we should all fight for.

No matter what’s going on in your life and,  no matter what they told you.  No  matter how impossible it might seem, you can and will be happy. Fight for it, and don’t hold back. Fight anything and everything that’s stopping you from being happy, and don’t apologize for it.  Armor on, helmet tight, shoulders back, shields up, sweat dripping, and legs tired, run, and with every swing, and with every blow, you fight for your happy. Even when your arms are tired, or it might seem you’re losing, fight harder, and never stop fighting for your happy.

Nakia Brooks


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