We were worth the rib from Adam

  Only then the world was complete

Man never knew a sight so excruciatingly beautiful

And in that moment man knew he would give his soul, on repeat

Not in force, but, religiously, and willingly


We are  a force to be reckoned with,

Our aura is red, fiery like the sun

Meaning strength, power, and not easily shattered,

And with every battle thrown to keep us down,  we’ve always won

Never has the world known a stronger force than W-O-M-A-N


We are WOMEN, bold, beautiful, and brave

Our intelligence is undeniable, our spirits unbreakable

Many changed the world, Rosa, Oprah and, Michelle

And with every obstacle, still,  they were unshakeable

None other like us, and never will there be


We were worth the rib from Adam but,

Our worth can’t be measured on this earthly scale

Move mountains, and oceans if necessary

And if they try to stop you, give them bloody hell

Never was one given all his grace, and yes WOMEN, we can never be replaced

Nakia Brooks









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