Never Give Up

   ” If you fall behind, run faster , never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds”

The older we get, the harder life seems to be. We have bills, careers, relationships, finances, kids, and so much more to worry about. Sometimes it seems impossible just to get through the day right? Sometimes we don’t even want to get out of bed. Sometimes we have no motivation or drive to keep going. To the outside world you may seem fine, but we are all battling fights that people know nothing about. I just want to tell you, that no matter how hard life may seem, or tough the day may be, do not dare give up.


No matter what you’re going through storms do not last forever, the rain stops, and the sun shines again. Bad days will never last, and hard times will end. If you just experienced a breakup, lost your job, gained ten pounds, or failed a test. There can be endless possibilities of why we are experiencing turmoil in our lives. However, there is one thing I know for sure, and that is that things will always get better. Things will always turn around, and do not accept anything. Do not accept defeat, do not let the problems you have today make you feel that tomorrow isn’t worth it. In fact you should hold onto the promise of tomorrow, because that’s another twenty-four hours to fight through.

“Staying positive doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time. It means that even on hard days you know that there are better ones coming”


Don’t we all wish life was perfect, and that everyday was as perfect as we wished it would be? Sadly life isn’t perfect at all. It’s an up  and down rollercoaster of good and bad. Happy and sad, or joy and heartache. Most importantly life teaches us many things. One lesson it has taught me is to never give up. It has taught me to fight through the bad days, because the good ones are worth every  drop of blood, sweat, and tears. No matter what happens in life please never give up on anything you want. If it’s a dream, a goal, or an event that’s occurring in your life. Get up everyday and keep fighting, get up everyday and keep trying, and continue to look forward to the future. Because one day you will wake up,  and everything you’ve been  fighting for, you will have won.





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