Don’t be afraid, Just Be Yourself


” The biggest challenge of life is to be yourself, in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else”


We were all born individually unique, in our own special way. We have our own genetic makeup, our own one of a kind fingerprints, and one of a kind DNA. We have our own fingerprint in life. These one and only traits  we possess aren’t just genetically yours.  but it tells the world that there is only one of you.  It tells the story of how uniquely rare, and special you are. We were all made different, with our own flaws, and own battles, and our own beauty. No one is just alike, and that’s one of the greatest gifts we were given.  The gift of individuality, and imperfections make us who we are. They are what makes us perfectly ourselves.


Could you imagine if everyone was the same? Same dreams, same beliefs, same hair, same style, same flaws, same beauty, and etc. Think about it, could you imagine a world where everyone was the same? ( lol me neither)  This world doesn’t seem so amazing at all now does it? It seems very boring, and uninteresting right? The point I’m trying to make, is that when we try to be anything other than ourselves,  we are doing an injustice to our souls. True freedom exists when you are able to be yourself unapologetically. To try and be anything other than who you are is the equivalent of denying your DNA.  Your DNA is who you are, it tells a story of your background, your ancestors, your beauty, your blemishes, your weaknesses, and your strength. Would you deny all of that because society tells you otherwise? I hope you wouldn’t, and I hope you never will.


“Someone will always be prettier, someone will always be smarter, someone will always be younger, But they will NEVER Be You”

There is only one you in this world. The universe thought that out of all the millions of people existing in the world, the world still needed you. That with all the light and stars,  the world still needed your magic. So be magically you. Never forget that you are special.  And that with all the talent, beauty, intelligence some other person may have, they will never have your talent, beauty, or intelligence. There’s no comparison to the captivating essence of you. Each day remember “by being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world, that was not there before”, and that makes the world perfectly a better place.

Nakia Brooks

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