Take Back Your Power


     “Take back your power. Take back the right to rule your own life”   Every once in a while something happens in life that makes us feel defeated.  Something so tragic happens, that we loose all hope and give up. Could’ve been a breakup, a death, loss of a job, or money troubles. It could be something small,  or big. Whatever it is that has left you feeling broken, powerless, and weak. I want you to know that it may have left you defenseless, but you have the ability to gain it all back.

How do I do it?  I know that’s what you’re wondering. It’s easy to say then to do right? “It hurts so much right now.  I can’t see how I can be happy again”.  That’s what your saying right now.  And you’re halfway right. It definitely isn’t easy to do. And  yes it hurts like hell right now. However, the key words are right now. Right now it hurts. Right  now you feel like giving up, right now you don’t feel happy, and   right now you don’t have the answers. But right now is just that.  It’s right now. It’s not tomorrow, it’s not next week, its not a month away, it’s not a year, it’s only right now. Which means your better days are seconds, minutes, and hours away. All you have to do is decide that your story won’t end right now.



Everything that happens to us isn’t our faults, or fair. Often times it’s plain cruel and unusual. But when these things do happen, that doesn’t mean we give up.  We  have to find every ounce of strength, that’s left in us and use it fight. We can not let our situations, and people sent to break us, win. We can not allow our  temporary  circumstances to become our permanent stories. You are going to say no to defeat. You are going to say no to giving up. You’re going to say no to thoughts that try to keep you weak. You are going to look those problems, those circumstances, those feelings, that person, and whatever it is that made you feel powerless straight in the eye.  And you’re going to say “Although I’m going through hell right now, I will come out.  You don’t get to break me, darling, you don’t own that kind of power.” No one owns the power over your life except you, so whatever or whomever you let have it, times up, now go take it back.

Nakia Brooks



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