How to :3 Ways to live a Happier Life

What Ever You Decide To Do,

Make Sure It Makes YOU Happy




Happiness is a choice, it’s something that we must decide to be. With all the disasters, tragedies, and,  bad things that happen in life. I want you to never forget that you deserve to be happy. More importantly I want you to never stop fighting for your happy. Life will happen and storms will come. But we aren’t going to run and give up. We’re going to adjust our sails, and dance in the rain.

1.Positive Thoughts

“One Positive thought in the morning can change your whole day” I am a firm believer in what we think we become. Our thoughts set up our actions, so if we are thinking negatively, that can only lead to negative outcomes in life. ” Positivity comes from within and shines throughout our lives. Think happy thoughts, think about how special you are, and how you make the people lives around you better. Think about your dreams, you’re going to achieve. And never talk down to yourself. Build yourself up, and believe without any doubt you are in charge of how u feel. You control your thoughts. So choose them wisely, and carefully. Make sure they are positive, and kind to not just ourselves but others as well.

2.Always See The Good 

“Train your mind and heart to see the good in everything. There is always something to be grateful for.” Life is hard. Life at times just really sucks.  Life in mays ways has broken all of us, one time or another. However, has any time that life has beaten you down was there not a lesson learned? Did you not become stronger? Did you not become wiser? Did you not face something after? And  you knew you’d survive it because you survived worse?  That is called the beauty  in the storm, or as some say collateral beauty. That’s the sunshine after the rain. And no matter what life throws at you, you look for that sunshine. It may be hidden under the clouds, or drowned out by the rain, but look closely and you’ll see that ray of light.

3, Practice Gratitude

“It Is Not Happy People Who Are Thankful. It Is Thankful People Who Are Happy.”  Most of us think that when we accomplish our dreams, we will happy. When we have that dream house, dream, car, or dream job. Our lives will be filled with everlasting joy. But what about what we have now? What we have now is just as important to our happiness then what the future holds.  Practicing gratitude in our everyday lives helps us to appreciate everything in life. The past, the now, and whatever comes in the future. It makes life more beautiful. Being thankful and grateful makes us kinder, happier, and it honestly makes the world seem a little less harsh.  Just as the quote says thankful people are happy. Not because life isn’t hard, but because they experienced the bad, yet still seeing the good. Saw the ugly, but were  mindful enough to notice the beauty.  And through it all they were grateful for every bit of the journey.


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