Fight Until Your Dreams Come True

Chasing your dreams for me personally is like a roller coaster ride. One day I could accomplish so much, and the next day,  I don’t feel like getting out of bed. Other days I rush out of bed with so much energy, ready to crush the day. And then there’s days that I’m dragging my feet just to do simple tasks.  Some weeks I feel that all my motivation is gone. When  I am feeling like this it seems so easy for me to throw in the towel and give up. But I can’t give up, I have to fight for my dreams. Every day I  have to push pass all those  feelings, and obstacles so that I am one  step closer to seeing my visions come true. Everyday I have to fight through the bad outcomes and the negative self talk, so that my goals are that much more attainable.

Every step of your journey isn’t going to be exciting. Everyday you’re not going to feel pumped,  and excited to work on your dreams. Everyone isn’t going to support you, and some days you may feel lonely. And everyday that you feel like this I want you fight harder. Fight the sleepiness, fight the tiredness, fight the defeat. Block out all outside noise and then close your eyes. Now picture your dreams right in front of you. Picture yourself living the life you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Now feel the joy, feel every sleepless night, and early mornings that are worth it in this very moment. When you see it clearly and feel it whole heartedly, open your eyes. Take that feeling and that vision, and  no matter what comes your way fight for that!








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