Your Past Doesn’t Predict Your Future

“You are not defined by your past, You are prepared by your past.”  We all have a past, some pretty, and some ugly. Some of us have survived illnesses, abuse, poverty, depression, and much worse. For some of us our past was given to us, and others we chose a path that lead us to pain. The past can be a powerful force if you let it predict your future. So many of us can’t reach where we want to be in life because we let our past mistakes,  define who we are as a person now.  You Are Not Your Past. I repeat,  You Are Not Your Past.

The past is exactly what it is, the past. The dictionary meaning of past states “gone by in time and no longer existing.” Those moments of pain, of self pity, of hurt, yes they were there and felt immensely. But they were just moments, a version of you that no longer exist. Those mistakes of others or yourself they don’t determine the person you are today, will be tomorrow, or in the future. That  person, that hurt, those battles are over. They no longer exist. Do not let one time in your life, be the story you tell for the rest of your life.

We all have a story, mines different from yours, and yours different from the next person. However, we all have something incredible in common. We all have a future! And  I made the decision to not waste mines. I have chosen to not accept that story, but instead , I’m going to change it into a legendary one. I have the power to,  and so do you. Take all that pain, hurt, excuses, tears, mistakes, failures, and turn it into ammunition. Turn it into ambition, turn it into rage,  turn it into power. All the past did was make you stronger, wiser, braver, tougher. It may have hurt you but you are not broken, and you are not defeated. Take all those feelings and run towards tomorrow, and your future fired up and guns blazing.




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