The Sun Always Shines Again

Life is an endless journey. Of ups and downs. Wins, losses, good,  and bad. And sometimes the bad seems to outweigh all the good. Situations happen that make us believe that there is no good left to be  had. No joys left to enjoy. We all go through pain, no one is exempt. And sometimes the pain is so awful, it feels like life has let you down. It feels like the universe has turned it back on you. And you can’t see any brighter days ahead.  But no matter what anyone says, or that negative voice in your head telling you to give up, you cannot, because life will, and always,  gets better.

The bad situations always go away. The pain eventually stops. And you will be happy again. Better days will come, the universe will assure it. Storms never last, eventually the thunder silences, the lightning fades, and the rain stops. Life is complicated, and it’s hard as hell at moments.  But we are stronger than we know. Anything that comes our way, we can handle. You can handle anything that life throws at you. You may bruise, bleed, fall down, and maybe fall down again. But when you get up, you wipe away the blood, stitch up the scars, and keep going. Stay positive even when it becomes difficult, because “even the darkest night will end, and  the sun will rise. ‘




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