Never Give Up On Love S


We are all searching for that person that makes knots in our stomach, That person that no matter how bad a day we had, they make everything good again. Someone to talk to at two in the morning about our dreams, hopes, and beliefs,  and they make you believe you can achieve it all. It seems that we’ve all  been searching our entire  lives  right . And still haven’t found it. Relationship after relationship, and still nothing, so sooner or later we throw in the towel and  give up.  Don’t let bad love and the wrong person make you stop believing in the power of love.

artistic blossom bright clouds
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Love gives us strength. Love makes our lives complete. I have had many heartbreaks. And  sometimes thought,  I never want to feel this way again. But I realized, love is what makes my world bright. The family, friends, and people that make my life worth living, they make it that way by the love they give me. Never let someone’s lack of respect for you, or harsh treatment of your heart, close off your heart. Keep your heart open and filled with light. And when the right person comes along, you’ll have experienced a love like none before. Give up on people who love you selfishly. Give up on draining relationships. Give up on relationships that don’t feed your soul, or treat you kind. Give up on relationships that try to break your spirit.  But Never give up on love, or the idea that love is what makes life beautiful.

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