Quit Hiding Your Magic


Everyone is so busy trying to fit in. They forget that the magic happens when you don’t. Normal is boring. We were born to stand out. Never conform to what society says is the right way to live. Dress how you feel, do what you love, and live a life that sets your soul free. So many of us are afraid to be who we are. We think we have to be who society says to be. Be who ever the f**k you want to be and never apologize for it.  Normal is easy, simple, quiet. But being apologetically yourself is enticing, loud, artistic, attractive, and beautiful. You will never know what it’s like to truly live,  until you are being,  and living the life you truly  want for yourself. Be yourself, and let the world see your magic. Let them brag about the true essence of your soul. Your spirit is magical, and your gifts undeniable. Quit hiding your magic, the world is ready for you.

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