Prove Them Wrong



Let Them Doubt, Let Them Talk Down, Let Them Laugh, Let Them Believe You’ll Never Be Good Enough, Or Strong Enough To Win



We all have a couple or a dozen haters in our lives. People that when you decided to start your new journey in life doubted you. They told you,  you’re crazy, stupid, even laughed at your goals. They told you,  you’ll never make it, only special people make it. If only they knew how special you are, and how dumb they sound. They wouldn’t have dared uttered such foolish words.

You are good enough, for all the blessings that the universe has in store for you. When people try and make you doubt your dreams, it’s up to you to do one thing. Don’t feel mad, bitter, or hurt. Take all their words, turn it into motivation, and prove them wrong. You are worthy of your dreams, and the life you want for yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you why you can’t achieve something. You can achieve anything you desire. They want to see you fail, Never let them! Believe in yourself, and know that you are capable of changing your life. In every way possible.  Let their  words fuel your drive, let their doubt make you work harder. They doubted you, laughed at you, tried to break you, but now,  let them watch you win!

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