Find Your Happy

“Always Find Time For The Things That Make You Feel Happy To Be Alive”

Whatever you do in life make sure that it makes you happy!  We often take for granted the time we have on this earth. We always say things like “I’ll do it tomorrow, or “next year”. Not realizing,  that unfortunately time is our biggest enemy. Time is not on our side, and at any moment our lives can be taken from us.  Sad yes, but true. So why wait to be happy?

What does it mean to be happy? To each of us different things. Our job to ourselves is to find what it is, and spend everyday doing it. A life spent not doing what you love, is a life wasted. You deserve a life that makes your heart full. A life where you wake up excited for the day. Because you get to do what makes you happy. You get to be with who makes you happy, Whatever it is that’s going to make your life sparkle you have the right to it. Make a list of the things that make you happy. And if what you’re doing daily doesn’t consist of those things. Find a way to start doing things on that list.  No excuses, and no delays. You  owe it to yourself to do what makes your soul happy.

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