Be Your Own Hero


Sometimes it’s so easy to want someone else to “fix us”. To complete us, to save us. We tend to put all kinds of pressure on people. We want them to make us happy. Take away all the hurt we’ve ever known. What if I told you the  only person who is going to save you is you. No one is going to rescue you, you’re going to have to be the hero that saves yourself.

Life gets messy. Things happen to us that make us feel defeated. Things happen so bad that we become powerless. All belief in ourselves seems gone. But I want you to know you are never powerless. You are never beaten. Everything you need to be happy, to feel whole,  is inside of you. Yes you are going to have to find it, search for it, battle with yourself daily. But you can win! Our lives are too precious to be put in someone else’s hands. This is your life story, Be the hero of it.

blue and red superman print tank top shirt
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