Uniquely You

Ever wonder what makes something beautiful? Ever wonder what makes someone drawn to you? The stars are beautiful because there’s millions and none of them are the same. What makes us beautiful is that there are millions of us and each of us are uniquely different. We all have a different story to tell. We all have a light that radiates differently, yet still shines bright. You should never feel, and never let anyone make you feel like you have to be anything but uniquely you.


      You Are Unique, You Are Here To Fulfill A Special Role

You Are Here To Contribute To This Planet

In A Way Only You How To Do

No one is you or me. And that is a powerful gift that we’ve been given. Everything you are is perfect and rare. This world that we live in can often make it difficult to be ourselves. However we don’t owe this world anything but our authentic selves. Only when we decide to truly be ourselves will real beauty be seen. You make the world better by just being who you are. You make the people lives around you better because they see the unique beauty in you. You are inspiring people in everyway.  Never water yourself down. Never change to fit in. Never stop being who you are. Be uniquely you, and never apologize to anyone.

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