The Universe Has Your Back


Let Go Of Your Story So The Universe Can Write A New One For You -Marianne Williamson



Universe Has Your Back


The universe has your back, always. Trust it. Believe it. And know it. Your life is right on track.  When things don’t go our way. Or happen exactly when we want. We become frustrated with life. We lose hope, drive, and faith. I know sometimes it feels that everything I am working for seems so far away. I too become discouraged at times. I’m human. We are all just human. But I’ve made a decision some while ago to believe in the unseen. To chase the life of my dreams. And I truly believe with all my heart the universe will conspire to make it happen.


Work hard, stay consistent, and you will see the universe open doors you never imagined. Stay positive more often than negative. The energy you put out, will always be  the energy you receive back. The universe makes room for everyone. Never think that you can’t because someone else already did. Be grateful, and be happy, knowing the universe has a plan for you. What’s for you will always be for you. At the right moment, and right time, the universe will lead you straight to it. “Let It All Go. Expect Miracles. Wait Without Anxiety. And Know The Universe Has Your Back.”

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