Get Back Up

What defines us is how well we rise after falling.

No matter how many times you fall. You get back up. No matter what situations life throws your way. You have the power to overcome it, each and every time. Life is meant to knock us down. It is meant for us to feel pain.  It is meant for us to know sorrow. Without sorrow, we won’t know joy. Without sadness, we won’t know happiness. Without pain, we won’t know love.


As long as all of us are on this earth we will face hardships. None of us are exempt. The goal is not to go through life without falling down. But to get back up. Stronger, wiser, and braver. To get back up after illnesses, failure, losing a loved one. Losing a job, failing at a dream, no matter what the situation is. The moment you decide to get back up, you have already won. Never Ever let life beat you.  GET BACK UP! Never quit. Yes it will hurt. Yes it will be hard. But oh yes, you are stronger.

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