Just Do It

“Tomorrow You Will Wish You Had Started Today”

               How will anything ever change in your life if you never take any steps in changing it?  How you will you accomplish anything if you never try? How will you ever live the life you dream? If you’re too afraid to chase your dreams?  The answer is you never will.  You will never obtain anything if you do not work for it. Nothing can be accomplished without action.

        I often  find  myself waiting for the right moment to start a project. I try to have everything “perfect”. All the tools, all the steps in perfect order. Procrastinating because of fear, and all the dumb doubtful things we tell ourselves. The truth is only when I put action behind my goals, is only when I saw my dreams start to come true. We have to wake up each day and JUST DO It. 

man climbing snow covered hill

    Life is like a mountain. We can decide to climb it or stay at the bottom. It might be hard to climb, might be cold, might get bruised, and even stumble. But each step victory! Each day you decide to just do it, you’re taking one step closer to the top. Forget the excuses, forget the what ifs, forget the doubt, forget the fear, and JUST DO IT.  The choice is up to you. You want the view from the bottom or the top?

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