Stumble But Never Fall

“In life many things don’t go according to plan. If you fall, get back up. If you stumble, regain your balance.” Life can be full of surprises. Most of us have visions and a plan, of how we want our lives to go. However, life has a funny way of throwing us off track. Sometimes life throws us terrible  situations. Situations that make us feel defeated. Situations that break our spirit. And sometimes break our beliefs. I want you to know that no matter what life throws at you. Never Give Up.

Stumble, but never fall. We are human. We are going to face life challenges daily. Some challenges harder than the one before. That’s life, it’s not perfect. No one’s life is perfect. I don’t care what they’ve told you. The difference between the happy and the miserable, is the happy didn’t let the problem defeat them. But found a way to defeat the problem. They stumbled, and even cried, but they didn’t stop  fighting.

Never, and I mean never let a stumble in your life  be the end of your journey. Life can be whatever you make it. You have the power to make it beautiful.  Problems will never cease. Let them make you stronger.  Turn your scars into art. Turn your problems into motivation. And turn your life into inspiration.


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