Know Your Worth

A dollar is a worth a dollar. Whether it has been crushed or crumbled. No matter if it has a rip in it, or if it’s dirty. It contains the same value as it did today, yesterday and tomorrow. No matter what scars or bruises you have encountered. You are still worth everything, plus more.

This world can be cruel and unjust. People will treat you as best as they know how. Do not let the way they treat you define you. You must search your soul daily on who you are. And the person you want to be. Do Not let others define you. Do not let their opinions of you dictate your life. Do not let the people you love treat you with any less love that you give. Do not allow anyone to belittle, hurt, or batter your soul. And make you feel any less than beautiful. Or worthy of goodness, and pure love.

No matter what anyone says you are magical. You were uniquely made. And you have the power to manifest anything your heart desires. Know that and believe that. Don’t settle for anything in your life. Love, career, growing, hobbies, travel, whatever you want to do, know that you can. You are rare. You are special. Know who you are. Know what you deserve. Find your self in yourself. And “When you learn how much you’re worth, you’ll stop giving people discounts”

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