Girl Boss 👠👜

Inspiration girlboss poetry inspiration Girl Boss

Foolish men, said this is a mans world,

But who run the world, yes us girls

With your makeup, and your heels

Let’s show them who’s the real deal,

Who run the world, that’s right we do

Without us, what would they do?

From mothers, to teachers, managers, to CEO,

We can do it all, never let them tell you no

Strong enough to give life into this world ,

Yet caring enough to build up the broken man

Building brands, and breaking trends ,

Continue to shape the world, because yes we can

We are bold, brave, strong, and determined

Accomplish every dream, and let nothing deter them

No matter what the men say, we are gonna do this our way,

And on the days when your spirits are low and gray,

Remember my words, that I say on this day,

You are a woman of grace and purpose

Inspiring , and phenomenal in every way,

Boss up daily, and remember to wake, pray, and slay

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