Always Look For The Good

In tough times always look for the positive. I say this because life will always throw us curveballs. One moment we can be in pure bliss. And at any moment circumstances can change. Life is unpredictable. And if we let bad times break our spirits. We have given our power away. No matter what we are going through there is always something to be grateful for.

Now I’d be lying if I say I never let tough times get the best of me. Sometimes I feel like nothing can be going right in my life. I cry. I blame. And I fall into a rut. We are all human. And as long as we’re alive, tough times will always come. But after all my crying, and blaming the universe. I remember that I am blessed. I remember that I have the power to change my circumstances. I remember some people will never have the chances or blessing I have.

I remember that I have health. I remember that I have more than most. I remember that tough times don’t last. I remember that I am stronger than I allow myself to be at moments. I know sometimes it’s hard to be positive. And that’s okay. But always look for the light. It may sometimes dim. Sometimes the clouds cover it. But know that it is always shining.

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Sun Always Shines

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