You are Magic βœ¨πŸ’«-Inspiration

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You Are Magic

You are magic, can’t you feel it in your bones?

Can’t you see, how amazing you can be?

Oh darling when you finally believe,

You don’t think so? Blink twice and you’ll see

You are magic, so much light you possess,

Your aura is enchanting, trust the world to see,

If you think it, it will appear,

Self affirmation spells, repeat, 1,2,3

You are captivating, in each and every way,

Believe this, let it guide your way

Your mind, your wand, focus, and you’ll see clearer

Your magic is inside you, no need for trick mirrors

You are magic, no need for hocus pocus,

You are destined, abracadabra, now focus

You are magic, never let your gleam disappear,

Let go of all the doubts, trust the sparkle, now reappear

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