Dear 2019

2018 taught me that life isn’t perfect. It taught me that without self love, I will endure more pain than necessary. Last year taught me that when tough times arise, and I give up. The only person I am hurting is myself. It made me realize that people will break me. And if I do not find the strength to persist. I will remain broken and saddened. Last year taught me that no one is going to change my life but ME. It taught me that no one is going to save me but ME. 2019 I ask that you show me that my faith is always stronger than my NOW.

We often sometimes get wrapped up in our present situations. I myself did this. And during my storm, I could not see a way out. My faith became weak, and my spirit drained. But what’s so great about storms, is that they allow for new things to grow. If 2018 was anything other than you imagined. Let 2019 be your year to regrow. Your year to rebuild, and your year to conquer. Dear 2019 let this year be the year doubts fall, and confidence rises.  To a year of creating happiness. To a year of abundance joy, and much more. Do things that scare you. And never stop. Dear 2019 let t this be the year that we make our dreams come true.

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