Your Now is NOT Your Future

Lying down in my bed I can picture my entire life. I can see the big house. I can see the business I worked so hard for flourishing. I can see the smile on my face from the joy I feel. I can see everything I dream,  in front of me. Then I open my eyes. And then  those dreams seem so far away staring at my one bed room apartment. The joy turns to doubt. But why suddenly do I feel unworthy of my dreams? What suddenly popped into my mind that made me doubt myself? Has this ever happened to you?

See when I opened my eyes. I let my current situation tell my brain that it’s silly to have these big dreams.  I let my now overpower my faith. Faith they say is believing in things you can’t see. Even if it seems impossible. We make these exciting goals every year. Then doubt ourselves because of what our life looks like now. Our faith has to be unbreakable this year. Our will stronger than our bodies. And our visions clearer than the noise.

Let 2019 be the year, that no matter what today looks like. You will keep the faith.  Now you may be broke. You may have no resources to start that business. You may have just failed at another business. What ever circumstances you and I are going through. They will not determine our future. Work hard and keep the faith.  Let that vision when you close your eyes guide you. Because the life you vision can be the life you live.

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