New Day, New Beginnings: Encouragement

didn't go as planned. But I am so grateful that with every sunrise comes a chance to start over. Every new day we are given, is a blessing. Because with new days come, new opportunities, new chances, new lessons, and new life. No matter where you are in life. Where you come from. Or your … Continue reading New Day, New Beginnings: Encouragement


Always Look For The Good

In tough times always look for the positive. I say this because life will always throw us curveballs. One moment we can be in pure bliss. And at any moment circumstances can change. Life is unpredictable. And if we let bad times break our spirits. We have given our power away. No matter what we … Continue reading Always Look For The Good

Believe In You : Quote of the Day

Believe In YouOur thoughts guide our actions. What we think we become. This is true in so many ways than one. When I believed I wasn't good enough. My actions followed. I lacked confidence, self love, and aspiration. But when I changed my thinking. I changed my life. So please believe me when I say … Continue reading Believe In You : Quote of the Day