Love, Flaws and All -Inspiration

Love is a beautiful thing. It makes us all feel complete. It can bring so much happiness into our lives. And sometimes it brings so much pain. It is one of the most powerful forces there is. Love is so powerful that we often trade so much, just to obtain it. We sometimes give love … Continue reading Love, Flaws and All -Inspiration


Your Past Doesn’t Predict Your Future

"You are not defined by your past, You are prepared by your past."  We all have a past, some pretty, and some ugly. Some of us have survived illnesses, abuse, poverty, depression, and much worse. For some of us our past was given to us, and others we chose a path that lead us to … Continue reading Your Past Doesn’t Predict Your Future

How to :3 Ways to live a Happier Life

What Ever You Decide To Do, Make Sure It Makes YOU Happy     Happiness is a choice, it's something that we must decide to be. With all the disasters, tragedies, and,  bad things that happen in life. I want you to never forget that you deserve to be happy. More importantly I want you … Continue reading How to :3 Ways to live a Happier Life